Laser Vision in Las Vegas

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Laser Vision in Las Vegas
travel reviews

Image by Stuck in Customs
Cali and Neal are doing amazing work…

If you subscribe to the free and fun-filled newsletter, you probably have heard me mention Geekbrief.TV several times and what Cali Lewis is up to over there. (pictured below) She uses my art in the background of her shows, and, well, I think they always look amazing. Believe it or not, I can be objective about such matters! Anyway, I was watching… and I noticed that they added moving "snow" to one of my images from Whistler, up where they are preparing for the Olympics. The snow looks really great!

In other news, Jeff McCord from the Moxi Mo Show is also using my art in the backgrounds of his video podcasts as well. Fun!

Daily Photo – Laser Vision in Las Vegas

The new Vegas City Center has opened. Isn’t "City Center" one of the most boring names ever for such an awesome place? This was surely a name that was decided upon by a committee. And, this is precisely why you never see a statue of a committee.

Thankfully, the architects that designed this 21st century piece of art where not part of the naming committee. It is clear they had leeway to design something unexpected and beautiful. Howard Roark would be proud.

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The Guardian of the Tomb
travel reviews

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – The Guardian of the Tomb
I sometimes mistakenly call the Taj Mahal a "temple". There is a fleet of people ready to jump down my throat and tell me, in no uncertain terms, that it is most certainly a tomb. Of course, whenever I do call it a temple, these are all honest mistakes; I’m always a bit flummoxed as to why people get so agitated,

Anyway, besides all that mess, I thought you might enjoy this photo I grabbed of one of the gentleman guards of the tomb. I slipped on my 70-200mm lens (See my NIkon 70-200mm Review) to get both the guard and the tomb compressed in the background. I was a little worried that he would see me lurking about, aiming a giant lens at his head. So, I took shots quickly then moved on… I had no burning desire to make a guy like that angry.

New Secret Project Goes Live Soon – Get Ready!
I’ve been up late at night for several weeks working on a really cool new project that I can’t wait to share with everyone here. I’ll be releasing it in one week, so stay tuned. Here is a little tease of some of the behind-the-scenes stuff below.

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